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 The Sing-A-Long Entertainer.  

Photo Andy Sheldon


Video courtesy of Mark Black / Three Merry Lads Cutthorpe

Monday night Coach and Horses Dronfield


At the Poets Corner Ashover Derbyshire  on Bank Holiday Sunday 5th May 2013 with me were THE COACHMEN

Jamie & Bob       THE COACHMEN   Contact 0751 283512     Vic & Pete



         James                                 With me at The Poets                                  David 



Old Poets Corner Sunday Night Guests             

               Crossroads in the Car Park                                        Crossroads in the Pub                      


  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3cETb0lZZo                                               http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-DU9PnvpOM

My Hero.  Lonnie Johnson.



 Piper Comanche. 1982. Victoria BC to Vancouver.         Passengers Sister in Law with Twins        Same Guitar 1977. Nashville's Original Blue Grass Inn


                                   Hotel Acapulco Princess Dec.1976. Played for one week.                                          2011  Same Guitar. 1977 Yamaki

Chesterfield Rehearsal Space. 96 Saltergate. Now Open Website >>> HERE <<<



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